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The wear and tear of jewelry and special care information.

The wear and tear of jewelry is caused by many outside factors.
Those factors being persperation, perfumes, hairspray, alcohol, pollution and many others.

These factors cause a chemical reaction in metals, that result in oxidation.
Gold and silver always show signs of oxidation. Since b l i n g bijoux jewelry designs are created with 14k Gold and 925 Sterling Silver, they can show signs of oxidation- they turn darker in color.

Clean your b I i n g bijoux pieces with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. Silver pieces can also be polished with a special "silver-cloth". Crystals and pearls are very delicate and should not be exposed to or immersed in any chemicals. I recommend cleaning your jewelry if they are exposed to chlorine, perfumes, hairspray or persperation.

To ensure that your jewelry pieces last a long time, I recommend that they should be removed when sleeping, bathing or during any type of sports.

Ring Size Conversion How to determine your ring size
Ring Circumference
Inside diameter
Measure the inside diameter (German Method) of your ring.
This measurement equals your ring size and determines the size you need to order.
Or take a piece of string or paper and wrap it around the finger where the ring will be placed.
Place a mark on the paper where it starts to overlap and then measure the piece of paper up until the mark (American Meathod). This measurement gives you the circumference.

Additional Information!

The fingers on your left and right hand have a different thickness and therefore the ring sizes will vary depending on the hand you choose.

Your ring size can also increase during the day-mostly fingers are thicker in the evening.

Your ring size changes during your lifetime; therefore, you should check your ring size before each ring purchase.

Fingers tend to be thicker during the summer months- the higher the temperature, the thicker the fingers get. Also water retention in the body, caused by eating salty foods, tends to make the fingers thicker.

Hint: When purchasing very wide rings you should take a size larger than normal.

50 15,9
51 16,2
52 16,6
53 16,8
54 17,2
55 17,5
56 17,8
57 18,1
58 18,5
59 18,8
60 19,1
61 19,4
62 19,7
63 20,0
64 20,3
65 20,7
66 21,0
67 21,3
68 21,6
69 22,0
70 22,2
72 22,9

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